ESC Volunteers


Madrid (Spain), 28 years | 2021/2022

I worked in the office as graphic designer from Monday to Thursday during the mornings. Hand by hand with the marketing manager I designed new artwork for the Cafe parties, special events, posters, new patterns for P60 merchandising, flyers and animations for social media. I achieved my goal to improve my IT skills and I also felt that my work was positively valued.
After work I could joined the concerts and parties so I had the complete experience of P60! During the weekends I had time to discover Amstelveen with my bike and the rest of Netherlands with the public transport.

Bordeaux (France), 20 years | 2021/2022

The members are attentive so don’t hesitate to ask if you want to learn something. Remember that you are here to work but also to learn and have a lot of fun!
Moreover, in the Netherlands, everybody speaks English so it helps a lot because the Dutch can be complicated to learn. We are four ESC volunteers leaving in the “P60 house” which is three minutes walking from work. If you need something for the house or if you have any problem, ask to the responsible without any problems, she will help you with pleasure.

Galicia (Spain), 22 years | 2021/2022

My favourite events are with electronic music djs that come to P60. During my time here I have also explored a lot of Dutch cities and museums. I even joined a local hockey club where I train most weeks and I have met a lot of people there.


Tbilisi (Georgia), 25 years | 2021/2022

In some cases I may work at the garderobe, kitchen and behind the bar at P60 Café or at the mainstage bar Zaal. I think P60 is more than just a music venue in Amstelveen, because this place is already 20 years old and it has its own unique history. There is no doubt that for local customers, volunteers and workers P60 could be easily considered as a second home, because it’s a place where you want to socialize, make friends and also develop yourself in the musical industry.

Marseille (France), 25 years | 2020/2021

My job was very diverse and everyday was different and I had the opportunity to work on a numerous themes and aspects of P60. I had a lot of freedom in my work but I always had advice and suggestions when needed, which was perfect for me. I was mostly working with the marketing, video and horeca departments and it went smoothly with everyone.


For me personally, and I think not only for me, P60 is not only a job, its second home, where everyone from everywhere can socialize, entertain, learn. I’ve met amazing people, learnt lots from my colleagues, met so many great artists and saw so many great live shows, spent a lot of unforgettable time with other colleagues, volunteers and made good friends. I am proud and happy that I’ve spend my time in P60 and was part of this huge and awesome family for some time.