María Saiz Alonso


I left behind an stable job in Spain to take the opportunity of working in P60 as a volunteer and I knew it was the right decision since I stepped into the place the first day. All the crew is a big family that have been working together for years and they're welcoming all the people that want to make P60 a better place.

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I worked in the office as graphic designer from Monday to Thursday during the mornings. Hand by hand with the marketing manager I designed new artwork for the Cafe parties, special events, posters, new patterns for P60 merchandising, flyers and animations for social media. I achieved my goal to improve my IT skills and I also felt that my work was positively valued.
After work I could joined the concerts and parties so I had the complete experience of P60! During the weekends I had time to discover Amstelveen with my bike and the rest of Netherlands with the public transport.
It's important to know that this volunteering project is not only to discover the country and enjoy the parties. All the team work hard and they'll expect from you to help them and be responsible of your work. All your effort will be always rewarded. Show your ideas, work hard, meet the crew and you'll feel all the spirit of P60.
If there was a challenge for me in this project I must mentioned the life in the house. It's always difficult to find balance with the rest of the roommates. Each of us has a different lifestyle and habits.
As a personal recommendation I would advice to earn some money if you want to visit other countries next to Netherlands. Also if you know a little bit of Photoshop and Illustrator your work here would be much easier.
Hope I'll see the future volunteers in P60 and shared our experiences because I'm planning to stay in Netherlands!

Good luck!