During my year of volunteering at P60, I was tasked with helping promote the association through the media. I was doing a lot of graphic creation, from Instagram artworks, to animated logos, but also visual design for the bar like a restaurant menu, cocktails, announcement of the bar reopening…

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My job was very diverse and everyday was different and I had the opportunity to work on a numerous themes and aspects of P60. I had a lot of freedom in my work but I always had advice and suggestions when needed, which was perfect for me. I was mostly working with the marketing, video and horeca departments and it went smoothly with everyone.
Surprisingly, my year in the Netherlands went about as I expected, but in an even better way! Everybody in P60 was very welcoming and I feel like I'm part of the team after just a few days. Unfortunately because of the pandemic I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted inside the building of P60, but I always enjoyed the open space area for working (except when I couldn’t use Premiere and After Effect because my computer was too old :p)
I would have loved to stay in the Netherlands and continue working for P60 after my volunteering year, and from what I heard they were feeling the same way!
Since this year, I'm trying to find a similar job in the Netherlands because of how much I loved this Dutch adventure.