ANBI Stichting P60


General Information About P60

Adress: Stadsplein 100a, 1181 ZM Amstelveen, NL

Phone number: 020-3453445                     

Fax: 020-3453446



IBAN: NL92 INGB 0685368645


KvK: 34141001 (Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam)

RSIN: 809215950

BTW: NL809215950.B01

SBI-code: 889931/Sociaal-cultureel werk

Sector-code: 35

ANBI: ja

Establishment: 25-09-2000

Opening: 01-11-2001

CAO: Nederlandse Poppodia en –Festivals

Branche: Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en –Festivals ( )

              Werkgeversvereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en –Festivals (

Europe: Trans Europe Halles (

Employees: 18 (10,0 fte)

Volunteers: 71

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Managing Director:

Gerard Lohuis (1959)


  • Igor Sorko (1970) - Chair
    1st term till 26-06-2027
  • Mirjam Heijnen (1966)
    2nd term till 03-07-2025
  • Sandrijn Dekkers (1971)
    2nd term till 27-06-2027 
  • Nadine Zijp (1983)
    1st term till 26-06-2027

The managing director is remunerated in accordance with the guidelines regarding the remuneration of directors in the collective labor agreement for Dutch venues and Festivals.

The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive any remuneration for their work.

Reglement Raad van Toezicht


View our long-term policy & implementation plan

- View ANBI form publication data P60 here

- 2023 view our Financial Statements and Video Report
- 2022: view our Annual Report , Financial Statements and Video Report
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Articles of association
Objective (Statutes):
Providing opportunities for young people to participate in cultural, multi-media, educational and supportive (international) activities and exchanges.

Resources (Statutes):

a. Organizing performances by bands, dee-jays, theater groups, poets, dancers, (audio-visual) designers and crossovers between these and other art/cultural disciplines;

b. Organizing (international) multi-media activities;

c. Stimulating and guiding local and regional talent, if necessary by initiating activities;

d. Organizing (international) activities (including festivals) to promote exchange, information, inspiration and cooperation;

e. Producing, performing and distributing (own) cultural and multi-media productions;

f. Designing, creating and distributing publicity materials for the purpose of publicizing the Foundation's activities;

g. Acquiring ownership or ground lease, or renting one or more spaces and exploiting these spaces for the activities of the foundation, including the provision of food and drinks;

h. Renting out spaces;

i. Collaborating with other (cultural) institutions in the field of (pop) culture, youth work, multi-media, education and international relations;

j. To perform all that is related to or may be conducive to the above in the broadest sense.

Policy plan (Main features)

The multi-year plan for policy & implementation 2018-2021: Heart for the city is current

The core function of P60 is to offer a varied and broadly composed cultural offer for all ages, with youth (12-15 years) and young adults (16-30 years) in Amstelveen and the surrounding area being the primary target groups.

The activities of P60 will be aligned with the core function. Since factors such as efficiency, market and turnover also influence the offer, P60 strives to find a balance between what is artistically desirable and financially feasible.

A product and customer-oriented approach that is in line with the perception of young adults is essential in this context.

Focus points are:

- Youth participation

- Talent development

- Internationalization

- Durability

Download here the multi-year plan for policy & implementation 2018-2021

Cultural Governance

The P60 Foundation applies the 2019 Culture Governance Code in the context of good governance and supervision in the cultural sector. The organization has directors' liability insurance.

The Supervisory Board evaluated the code on 15-12-2022 and tightened it where necessary.


Popchoir Amstelveen, Erasmus+, social internships, community service, workshops, European Solidarity Corps (EU), USE-IT