About our venue
P60 is a venue for pop culture and media in Amstelveen (94.000 inhabitants) near Amsterdam. We offer a very broad selection of activities consisting of – but not limited to – concerts, dance events, festivals, visual arts, workshops, masterclasses and European exchanges. Every Tuesday to Saturday our café is open and every Thursday to Saturday there is a concert or dance event in our main hall.

We work with a small team of paid staff (10 fte) and 100 local volunteers. Our target group are youngsters from the age of 16 to 30. Most of our volunteers are also part of this target group.

Our aim is to offer activities for youngsters and to stimulate talent development (for example: we have 3 rehearsal rooms for musicians). We receive around 40.000 visitors per year on more than 155 activities. The capacity of our main concert hall is 600 people (standing). We partly get funded by the city of Amstelveen.

Want to see what we do?

Feeling at home: a video introduction to the Netherlands (

Check here our Video Recap 2023

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We will open our ESC project 15-04-2024 for applications till 15-06-2024.

Your need to have an European Solidarity Corps registration:  After registration you can apply. Other applications (by mail, social media) will NOT processed! Please specify in your motiviation for which position you want to apply.

If you didn’t receive a message from us before 20-07-2024, you are not selected.
Our ESC period is 01-09-2024 till 31-08-2025.

What do we offer?
If you are admitted to the program, you will live in the ESC house, which is near P60. You will have your own private bedroom and share common facilities (living room/kitchen/shower/toilet/garden) with other ESC volunteers. In the first three months of the program you will work together with our local volunteers, in different departments (behind the bar, in the cloakroom etc.). Next to this you'll be working on a specific task as mentioned above. When the year is over and it's time to go home, you'll be awarded a Youthpass.

Although ESC programs are unpaid, our program is not without benefits entirely. Apart from the great experience, P60 will pay you a monthly allowance of € 180,- for food and € 6,- pocketmoney  per day. You'll also get a local travel pass (€ 40 travelmoney each month) and a bicycle. On top of that, the costs of travel to and from The Netherlands are compensated by P60.

Aside having basic English language and social skills, we’re looking for people (age 18-30) who are flexible and don’t have a problem with working during the evenings/nights. Experience in the specific fields is a plus, but most importantly we’re just looking for people who love music and who like to stay with  us for one year!

All the best from the P60 Team and volunteers!