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Singing lessons for students of all ages. Available as a private lesson or group lesson, for beginner to professional students and in all music genres.

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Is singing your passion and do you want to improve your singing technique? At singing school The Voice Factory, professional singing coaches teach children and adults, at every level and in various music styles, including pop, musical and jazz. During the group and private lessons, we work on, among other things, good breathing and singing technique, polyphonic singing and how to put down a great performance.

Due to the enthusiasm of the singing coaches, many students have been able to put their hesitation aside. The season always ends with a dazzling final show! Note: the final show can only take place if Corona measures allow it.

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Who is The Voice Factory?

Singing school The Voice Factory was founded by singer and singing coach Joke van der Hoek. The singing lessons are given by different singing coaches, who are all conservatory trained and very experienced. Their style is characterized by infectious enthusiasm and thorough professional knowledge in, among other things, the singing methods EVT and CVT.

Info & Signing Up

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