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30 min     € 22,50
45 min     € 33,75
60 min     € 45,00

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Drum lessons

The drummer is the engine of a band, they provide the groove and make sure people start dancing.

Would you like to know if drumming is your cup of tea? Would you like to learn to play your favourite music? Or do you already know and would you just like an enthousiastic teacher that will help you perfect your skills? Whatever skill level you're at, Lucas Dehé is your teacher if you're looking for personalized and affordable drum lessons.

Your wishes and havin fun are the top priority. Everything will happen according to your tempo. That's one of the reasons why Lucas gives you private lessons.

Who is Lucas Dehé?

Lucas is a calm, collected and patient 29 year old guy that graduated from the Conservatory of Haarlem. Lucas plays in multiple bands in different genres, such as rock, dance, disco, soul and funk. He has shared his passion for drumming with other people for five years now, in the practice rooms at P60.

If you have any questions or if you would like to sign up, please send an e-mail to lucasdehe@gmail.com.