The Sound Undercover

Thu 24 October
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 21:00

A true must for lovers of the New Wave from the early eighties!

It has been 25 years since the legendary London Post-Punk formation The Sound was disbanded. In the early eighties still considered the best Post-Punk band of the moment, they were overtaken left and right in the commercial field by bands such as U2, The Cure and labelmate Echo & The Bunnyman. The band, which was principled and uncompromising, slowly fell into oblivion and singer Adrian Borland, who suffered from severe depression and a schizophrenic disorder, eventually committed suicide in 1999. The music of The Sound fits seamlessly into the current turbulent times and deserves to reach a large audience again (in the Netherlands The Sound sold out the halls). Especially when you consider that The Edge of U2 was heavily influenced by the guitar playing of Adrian Borland and there is no band that brought together unadulterated melancholy and (post) punk energy as touchingly as The Sound.


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For many, The Sound is still the number 1 (next to Joy Division) of the eighties. This certainly also applies to singer Erny Green (including singer in Joy Division Undercover) who sees a big wish come true with the upcoming tribute tour. Together with the other members of Joy Division Undercover (guitarist Henk Koorn is replaced by Rempe Kooij) he will play an extensive set with songs from the first three albums (Jeopardy, From The Lions Mouth and All Fall Down). Consider, for example, the Post Punk anthems 'Missiles' and 'Winning', the former becoming the anthem of an entire generation that opposed the rise of nuclear weapons at the time. In addition to singer Erny Green, the band consists of Rempe Kooij (guitar), Thijs Heij (Keyboards), Edwin Oranje (Bass) and Gerald Roerdinkveldboom (Drums).



Turntablist with a great track record. For a long time he was not only a programmer for the Melkweg in Amsterdam, among others, he was also the resident DJ. And co-founder of the Grauzone Festival there. In addition, he has DJed once or more at every known festival in the Netherlands. From Lowlands and Pinkpop to Into The Great Wide Open and Oerol. Tonight he will play real vinyl from his new wave and post-punk collection.


In 2021, the documentary "Walking In The Opposite Direction" by the Dutch documentary maker Jean-Paul van Mierlo (and director Marc Waltman) was released. A wonderful insight into the heyday of The Sound and into the life of singer Adrian Borland (1957-1999) in particular. At the age of 41, he, who was increasingly suffering from a schizophrenic disorder, committed suicide. Walking in the Opposite Direction, named after one of Borland's songs, tells his life story through rare archival material, interviews with former band members and music critics, and conversations with his father and girlfriends. Adrian Borland himself tells his own version through his songs.


Cinema Amstelveen (located at Schouwburg Amstelveen) will screen the documentary Walking In The Opposite Direction the same evening at 07.00 PM. Do you want to complete your The Sound experience? Order a combi ticket worth € 20.00 euros and have an evening that is completely dedicated to New Wave eighties!


18:30 | Cinema open

19:00 | Screening Walking In The Opposite Direction (ca. 96 min. runtime)

20:00 | Stage open + Start DJ Ed Rock

21:00 | Start The Sound Undercover