One Of These Days

Fri 16 June
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 21:00

Glenn, Hans and Remco played together for some time in a Pink Floyd tribute band. This 'click' resulted in the basis for a musical collaboration in 2016, which was the early basis for what later became One Of These Days.

Glenn and Remco have since worked with bassist Stefan in KEPLR. Stefan was polled, turned out to be a big Pink Floyd lover and agreed wholeheartedly! Remco called on drummer and music buddy Maikel, with whom he did various projects in the past, including another Pink Floyd tribute band.

Keyboard always has a prominent role in Pink Floyd's music, so the band came looking for a rather skilled and technically inclined keyboardist. One who was able to empathize with the bands’ music. Via Remco, Allow was eventually found. In short, band complete! Together with professionals from P60 in sound and light, supported by projection, One Of These Days brings the program 'Oldies but Goodies' to stages in the Netherlands. The band plays the famous Pink Floyd classics in their original LP-renditions, accompanied by original, self-produced, surprising footage!

No theme night, but delicious, honest Pink Floyd songs!