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The Swedish heavy/power metal band MANIMAL was formed in 2001. Their first full-length album, The Darkest Room, was released in 2009. Immediately, it reached the official album charts in their home country of Sweden at #36 and received worldwide rave reviews. The intelligent mix of powerful melodic metal and progressive elements made MANIMAL one of the most promising new acts of the genre.

In recent years, the Gothenburg-based band has been working on the follow-up and the result was definitely worth the wait! "Trapped In The Shadows" is a beautiful album, delivering energetic, melodic metal that impressively combines "Painkiller"-Judas Priest with the best of Queensryche: the perfect symbiosis of power and finesse! Song titles like "The Dark" and "Trapped In The Shadows" imply that the sound of MANIMAL is melancholic, and at the same time it remains completely melodic.

Black Knight
Black Knight, founded in 1982, has been a driving force in the Dutch metal scene for more than 40 years. After releasing two demos in the 80s and early 90s, the band's highly anticipated first full-length was released in 1998 on Aeon Records titled "Tales From the Darkside". In the aftermath of the album's release, Black Knight toured with shows in the Benelux, Germany and Bulgaria until their second album "The Beast Inside" was released in the year 2007.

Over the years, Black Knight's lineup has changed a lot, but drummer and founding member Rudo Plooy has been a constant factor. In 2020, with the new album "Road to Victory" ready to hit the streets, the band has made plans to bring the heavy metal belief to all corners of the world. Pure Steel Records, a record label from Germany, was very enthusiastic about the result and released "Road to Victory" that year. Shortly after its release, the reviews from all over the world were overwhelming!

Martyr is a heavy/speed/power metal band from Utrecht/the Netherlands that has existed since 1982. During their careers, some demo cassettes were released, as well as a number of tall players. The general public was first introduced to Martyr in 1984 when Roadrunner Records released the compilation album 'Dutch Steel'.

Martyr's contribution to this release titled 'Snow And Fire' is still a highlight on the band's setlist today. In 1985 their song 'En Masse (Stand Or Die)' appeared on the infamous 'Metal Massacre VI' album of the legendary American record label 'Metal Blade'. Both releases received interest from metalheads from all over the world.