Edward Reekers' Liberty Project

Fri 17 May
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 21:00

Edward Reekers begins his musical journey during high school in Rotterdam, where he sings in various bands and plays multiple instruments, including keyboards, guitar, and drums.

In 1978, a friend of Edward's discovers an advertisement seeking a vocalist for the symphonic rock band Kayak. Despite being a huge fan, Reekers initially has doubts about his chances. Ultimately, he submits a demo and is accepted. Kayak releases the album "Phantom Of The Night" in January 1979, featuring the hit single "Ruthless Queen," which becomes a major success in the Netherlands, France, and the USA.

In 1980, Edward releases his first solo album, "The Last Forest," which also incorporates symphonic rock elements. In 2015, Edward Reekers departs from the band Kayak and continues his musical career. He remains active, participating in various projects, including "Symfo Classics" and "Ayreon Universe" in 2017.

Why did it take 15 years for Edward Reekers to create another album? The COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role, as live performances became impossible. Despite the darkness of the pandemic, he found inspiration to write and create music, with the support of his daughter Melody and friends like Mark Bogert, who enriched his demos with guitar parts. Joost van den Broek got involved and became enthusiastic about the idea of a potential rock opera.

Reekers emphasizes the support he received from friends, colleagues, and his family, as well as assistance in financial, production, and promotional aspects. He considers the album his life's work and eagerly anticipates the album launch! On May 17, 2024, he will also present the work from this album at Poppodium P60.




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