King King

Thu 18 April
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 20:30

King King is a name synonymous with fantastic music. Alan Nimmo, the frontman, promises an unforgettable evening on every occasion, with his distinctive kilt, fists in the air, and a broad smile!

About King King:
The band is not content with merely riding on their self-made wave but works tirelessly to make that wave bigger, stronger, and better. Nimmo strives for excellence, always aiming for a higher level with each performance and release, and the audience confirms that they succeed.

Despite two challenging years in the music industry, King King has not only endured but has also returned with a new lineup, including Alan's brother, Stevie, on guitar and vocals. This has added a breath of fresh air and a new dimension to the already impressive lineup. Sold-out performances attest to the band's popularity, always aspiring to deliver honest, genuine music that comes from the depths of the soul. Unlike others, King King refuses to pigeonhole their music, and their timeless sound brings joy, especially in these challenging times.

The audience is invited to experience this for themselves during one of their shows and enjoy the happiness that King King's music brings. With their ongoing efforts and dedication, fans can count on each night being an unforgettable musical experience.

About Five Dollar Shake:
Five Dollar Shake puts that good old blues rock in a brand new glitter jacket. How does that sound exactly? Soulful, heavy and bluesy. With a cherry on top! That cherry is singer Lucinda Legaspi. An indomitable frontwoman, blessed with a golden throat. Add to that some roaring guitars, a ripping Hammond organ and a good dose of playing fun, and you have the irresistible sound of Five Dollar Shake. "That's a pretty fuckin' good shake!"



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