1349 & Kampfar

Fri 25 October
tickets Doors open 19:30 Commencing 20:00

Metal at P60! This night, we won't host one, not two, but three of the most amazing blackmetal bands. Don't miss your chance to see these three icons live at our venue in Amstelveen.

About 1349:
Norwegian black metal titans 1349 have returned with their long awaited seventh full-length album: 'The Infernal Pathway'. The album promises a journey through chaos and madness, darkness and peril, terror and annihilation.

1349 is AURAL HELLFIRE. That has been, and continues to be, the primary concept since the band first rose from the ashes of Alvheim, back in 1997. After performing a fiery show at Norway’s Inferno festival, 1349 started recording in Amper Tone studios and Studio Nyhagen. Thus, 'The Infernal Pathway’ was born, a sonic parallel to summoning and unleashing the beast of the abyss in all its fearsome, ferocious and powerful splendor.

About Kampfar:
Approaching 30 years of existence and having grown to become one of extreme music’s premier live outfits, while releasing albums that would dominate year-end lists and even bagging a Norwegian “Spellemann” Grammy award for their ‘Profan’ album, Kampfar looked ready to go and dominate for years to come.

‘Ofidians Manifest’ represents Kampfar anno now. 25 years on from their foundation, only willing to release new music if they felt it would surpass all they had done before, it is a condensation of the immense struggles of the last few years. Everything that has been hidden behind the music and the live performances is laid bare, though told in the only way the band can portray themselves, through songs. It is immensely honest yet wrapped in their own folklore, the snake tongues splitting every truth into two deeper truths, every word sung dominated by the weight of all those sung before.

About Afsky:
Afsky is Ole Luk's solo project, which is based on traditional black metal, mixed with elements from folk music and doom as well as a mixture of wildness and melancholy.

Afsky was not created with the intention of being a live project, but more of a personal project for Ole. A place where all creative ideas could come together and become reality. Later, on request, Afsky has become a live band. Over the past few years, Afsky has shared stages with bands such as: Wolves in the Throne Room, Winterfyltteth, Uada, Mork, Spectral Wound, Mayhem, Panopticon etc.



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