Southern Avenue

Thu 15 December
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 20:30

Southern Avenue is a main road that leads from East Memphis to Soulsville. Both a place and the original home of Stax Records. It is also the name of a powerful, musically talented band that has now been signed to the legendary label.

From Memphis, Tennessee, the fivesome from Southern Avenue brings their latest album Be The Love You Want. It is the band's most sincere and personal work so far. A combination of soul power, jam band liberation, gospel, blues and R&B makes the unique DNA of this timeless and idiosyncratic American music.

"We are definitely an amalgamation of different experiences, backgrounds and cultures. It's hard to pigeonhole us, both literally and musically. Southern Avenue doesn't sound like anyone else. And that's something I'm very proud of." – Ori Naftaly.