Fleetwood Mac: Gold Dust Women

Fri 22 November
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 21:00

Stevie Nicks really needs no introduction. From the moment the singer joined Fleetwood Mac in 1973, she grew into the absolute superstar she still is today.

With her songs (Landslide, Rhiannon, Dreams) she gave the band a new impulse and a successful solo career (Edge of Seventeen) was inevitable.

On Fleetwood Mac's biggest hit album 'Rumours', however, it wasn't Stevie Nicks, but that other Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, Christine McVie, who delivered most of the songs.

Don't Stop, Oh Daddy, You Make Loving Fun and of course Songbird. The recently deceased McVie had been involved with Fleetwood Mac since the blues days and slowly but surely developed into a gifted songwriter and vocalist and the 'glue' of Fleetwood Mac.

It's high time for a tribute to the two grand ladies of Fleetwood Mac. After more than 150 screenings with live documentary 'The Incredible Story', The Cosmic Carnival & Friends are now ready for the next Fleetwood Mac adventure: Gold Dust Women!



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