In 2024, the Popprijs of Amstel- and Meerlanden will make a comeback. The Popprijs provides bands & acts from the Amstel and Meerlanden region with the opportunity to develop their talents. Participants have the chance to win a fantastic prize package and, of course, eternal fame! We want you to be a part of it, so seize the opportunity and register for the Popprijs of Amstel and Meerlanden 2024 starting from December 11th!

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The preliminary rounds will take place on Friday, April 5th, and April 12th, 2024, at Poppodium N201 and Poppodium C. respectively. The finale is scheduled for Friday, May 3rd, 2024, at Poppodium P60! Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar.


Starting from Monday, December 11th, registrations are open again. To be eligible for the Popprijs of Amstel and Meerlanden, the majority of the members of the act must reside in the Amstelland-Meerlanden region.


The Popprijs of Amstel and Meerlanden 2024 is made possible by:

3VOOR12 Noord-Holland | Terpstra Muziek Drumland | Jack Daniel's | Kuppmen Music | Plectrum-online.nl | Stage Music Service | Studio peggy51 | Poppodium C. | N201 Aalsmeer | Poppodium P60 |