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Trans Europe Halles

P60 is a member of the Trans Europe Halles, a European network of independent, cultural organisations. They advocate and promote independent culture, share their knowledge and encourage new initiatives in the field. Trans Europe Halles consolidates about 50 multidisciplinary cultural institutes and 65 sympathetic organisations from more than 33 countries. 

Trans Europe Halles facilitates and encourages artistic collaborations throughout Europe. The network runs and coordinates several international projects, focusing strongly on topics such as capacity building and mobility of the cultural worker. One of the main activities of the network is setting up the international meeting that takes place twice a year. During these meetings all members, guests and relevant stakeholders gather to discuss a specific topic linked to independent culture. The network is actively trying to influence the cultural policies on both European as well as local levels. 



Telefoon: +31 20 3453445
Fax: +31 20 3453446
E-mail: info@p60.nl

Stadsplein 100a 
1181 ZM Amstelveen

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