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P60 for hire

P60 for hire

P60 is also an ideal venue for events other than concerts. P60 is made up of various areas, both small and large, and is equipped with multiple catering establishments, a wide range of audiovisual gear and knowledgeable staff. Therefore it is possible to host almost any type of event at P60. A conference, a party, a company presentation or a staff meeting: P60 is suited for the function.

The areas

P60 consists of multiple areas, each with its own style and character, divided between three floors. All areas are for hire. It is also possible to use and combine multiple areas in order to suit the size of the event. Here is an overview:

Main hall

The main hall is situated on the second floor and is made up of a large (fixed) stage, a spacious balcony and two bars. With a capacity of 600 people (standing) or 225 people (seated) this area is perfect for hosting large events.

Small hall

The small hall is located one floor down from the main hall. This area also includes a bar and at night the glass facade makes for an impressive view of the square. The small hall can hold either 80 people (standing) or 50 people (seated.)


The cafe stretches out on the ground floor. Its contemporary design and its fully furnished, professional kitchen make this split levelled area applicable for a great variety of events. With a capacity of 100 (standing) or 70 (seated) people, there is also ample space.

Workshop area

We found a very good neighbour in the university. Their 26 classrooms are for hire and perfect for hosting workshops or courses. The areas of the university and P60 are connected with each other through a door in the main hall, which makes the latter a great spot as plenary chamber.

Technology, catering and entertainment


P60 is fitted with a first-rate sound system, a substantial light-plant and the capability to support an event with top-notch visuals. All technological equipment is operated and controlled by our own staff, who are also for hire prior to the event. They can design a presentation, for instance, or shoot and edit videos. Please click here for a complete overview of our technical capacity.


Apart from four fully supplied bars, we are equipped with a professional kitchen which is run by our own chefs. P60 also has close ties with numerous catering companies. Serving snacks, lunch, dinner or even a complete buffet will prove a breeze.


As a key player in the world of cultural events, P60 has tight bonds with multiple booking agencies. When we hire out our venue, this network is included. Booking a speaker, a band, a presenter or a deejay has never been easier. 


P60 in Amstelveen is easily reached by both public transport and car. The A9 freeway is only a stone's throw away and multiple parking lots are nearby (Q-Park Schouwburg & Stadsplein). The busstation is around the corner and buses run all night. 


If you have any questions or if you wish to book the venue, please contact Helma Wiebrecht. (e-mail: helma@p60.nl / phone: +31203453445).


Telefoon: +31 20 3453445
Fax: +31 20 3453446
E-mail: info@p60.nl

Stadsplein 100a 
1181 ZM Amstelveen

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