Before The Thunder

Fri 9 December
tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 20:00

There's something in the air. Lightning. Thunder! Nothing beats the calm before the storm. There's nothing harder than breaking that silence!

So embrace that natural high, Before The Thunder - December 9 in the P60! And dive into the storm called hardcore.

During this special event, the night before Thunderdome, you can warm up your legs in the P60, Amstelveen with some unadulterated early and millennium hardcore. A cozy get together with die-hards, you know the recipe. On Friday December 9, the following heroes will be behind the mixer live: BUZZ FUZZ, DANO, RUFFNECK and PROMO. Before The Thunder warms you up from 20:00 to 00:00 for the real thing! Always wanted to score a photo or autograph? Don't be shy, these DJs won't bite before midnight. Have you always wanted to meet or chat with one of these Thunderdome legends? This is your chance! The first 100 visitors will also receive an exclusive gift!