Robin Borneman

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Robin Borneman is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter. In the past few years Robin Borneman has rendered an enthusiastic, loyal fan base with his story telling music.

With 'Folklore III: The Cradle Tree', released in 2019, Robin completes his 'Folklore' triptych, of which parts I and II appeared in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Folklore is an ambitious folk/roots project that tells the story of an unnamed traveler searching for his identity. Although musically clearly one whole, the three parts each have their own character. Part I is mainly adventurous and experimental, part II is above all dark and heavy and part III is more loving and universal. The trilogy was recorded in Wouter Budé's studio with his own band and with the help of musician friends from the band Navarone.

Trans Siberian Orchestra
Prior to the Folklore trilogy, Robin self-released no fewer than six albums. He gets national attention with the sixth album 'Home' (2012). A large number of stores in the country sell as many or even more copies than many renowned bands: a new folk/roots star was born. In 2013, Robin is noticed by the American (hard) rock orchestra Trans Siberian Orchestra, through a Tom Waits cover, and enlisted as the lead singer of one of the biggest stadium acts in America. Since then, he has played about 60 stadium shows in a row for two months - in November and December - for an average of 20,000 visitors per concert. This brings him to roughly one million spectators on an annual basis, a statistic that is unmatched by any Dutch act.

We Want More
After the completion of the Folklore Trilogy, now that the Folklore story can be released, Robin starts working on new music in peace. In this new period Robin can also be seen on Dutch TV. First in October 2020, in the RTL4 TV program "I Can See Your Voice". His participation in it is so impressive that Talpa will invite Robin in 2021 to participate in the successful SBS 6 TV program "We Want More". The program consists of several rounds and Robin manages to reach the final through an impressive version of Adele's 'Skyfall' and ultimately won the program!