Comedy Club

wo 15 februari
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There is a new edition of the P60 Comedy Club and you can be there! The day after Valentine's Day, five comedians take the stage to talk about romance. Because how nice is Valentine's Day really?

Sharon Em

Sharon Em fluctuates between trying hard and hardly trying. Mostly found on her couch plotting how to realise her life goal of having pints with Tommy Tiernan (main life inspiration). Or pondering if straight bananas will ever be a thing!  Her best friends describe her as 'who?'

Karan Karthik Raju

Karan is an Indian who's psychologist, polyamorous and a life coach. If that doesn't scream out wannabe sex guru we don't know what else does. He still posesses the stereotypical qualities of your regular indian guy: he’s an engineer, likes spicy food, wears flip flops and  also worked in a call center before. So you may ask why he‘s here today? To get more followers for his cult! Because when you work with people for more than 10 years, there is so much content you‘d be stupid not to fiddle around a hobby as a stand up comedian with it! Therefore he's not really a funny guy, he just finds things funny and is hoping to be laughed at more than laughed with.

Kuriakose Saju Vaisian

Kuriakose has been doing stand-up for more than five years now, joking about his life, his wife, his family at large, and Jesus Christ. That's a joke of course; he never makes jokes about his wife. He's performed at multiple cities across India, alongside some of the biggest names in the Indian comedy scene, such as Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard and Biswa Kalyan Rath. Kuria has taken part in various comedy competitions including the PayTM Insider Live Mic sessions as well as Comedy Central India's Sterling Reserve Comedy Project with Varun Thakur, in which he finished second. It's been three months since he's started performing in the Netherlands, and while he still gets confused by how public transport works, he's become a regular on the comedy scene here.

Kuria's humour is a mix of observational and anecdotal, drawing a lot of inspiration from his own life and the things that happen around him. He's got an easy, laidback style that makes him relatable and accessible. He performs mostly in English.

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